Since 2017, the research unit has been headed by Richard Redon (Director) and Gervaise Loirand (Deputy Director).

Executive Secretary : Ophélie Tindilière
Contact :

Equipe de direction© Christian Chauvet - Nov 2017 - Jardin des Plantes - Nantes

The teams

Inserm UMR 1087 / CNRS UMR 6291 takes advantage of the structure of l'institut du thorax to set up an integrated research approach that goes from the patient to the identification of targets and the development of medical management. The objective is to identify the mechanisms and markers associated with cardiovascular, metabolic and pulmonary risk factors.
To facilitate the implementation of translational projects, the unit is organized into 6 teams with complementary skills.

  • Team I - Cardiovascular genetics (Jean-Jacques Schott): includes all research programs in genetic epidemiology and cardiovascular genetics.
  • Team II - Cardiac arrhythmias (Flavien Charpentier) is structured in 2 research axes:
    • II-a  Ion channels and cardiac arrhythmias (Flavien Charpentier) : dedicated to the biology of ion channels and cardiac rhythm disorders
    • II-b Heart  failure and pharmacological approaches (Michel De Waard) : interested in the pathophysiology of heart failure and the development of innovative approaches in pharmacology.
  • Team III - Signaling in vascular and pulmonary pathophysiology (Gervaise Loirand) : studies the signalling of small G proteins and vascular and respiratory pathophysiology.
  • Team IV - Dyslipidemias and lipotoxicity (Bertrand Cariou) : coordinates an ambitious research program on the biology of PCSK9 and dyslipidemias, and manages the CHOPIN University Hospital Research project.
  • Team V - Mitochondrial diurnal rhythms and metabolic diseases (David Jacobi) (ATIP-Avenir 2016 winner) : is developing a new research program to better characterize the biological relationships between circadian rhythm, mitochondrial metabolism and obesity risk.
  • Emerging team - Medical Genetics (Stéphane Bézieau) : joined the unit in 2018 and is dedicated to identifying and understanding the genetic causes of neurodevelopmental diseases and hereditary erythrocytes.

The platforms

The investigations conducted in the unit are based on extremely high-performance technical platforms, integrated into both our UMR and SFR François Bonamy in Nantes.
Our researchers, engineers and technicians develop innovative methods and technologies that are made available to researchers at the Nantes site, but also to outside teams and private companies.
  • GenoBiRD - Genomics and Bioinformatics Infrastructure
  • Therassay - Functional exploration in small animals