Solena Le Scouarnec, Jean Mérot, Romain Capoulade and Thierry Le Tourneau

In addition to our genetic investigations on familial and isolated cases of valve dystrophy, we address whether mechanical forces targeting the mitral valve are major factors leading to disease development and progression using multi-omics approaches on transgenic rats expressing the disease as well as on derived in vitro cell models.
  • Connect Talent - Advanced Multimodality Imaging Program and Translational Research in Chronic Cardiovascular Diseases (Romain Capoulade)

The cornerstone of genetic investigations is the precise phenotypic characterization. Emergence of a new research axis focused on the development of bio-imaging core facility and expertise in image analysis provide support to the research programs of the team, as well as offer the opportunity to develop new translational and innovative projects.
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  • PICASSO project - Unravelling PCSK9 mechanisms in calcific aortic valve disease: from aortic valve sclerosis to stenosis
PICASSO's main goal is to validate PCSK9 as a therapeutic target for the prevention and treatment of patients with calcific aortic valve stenosis (CAVS).
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Selected Publications

Toomer KA, Yu M, Fulmer D, Guo L, Moore KS, Moore R, Drayton KD, Glover J, Peterson N, Ramos-Ortiz S, Drohan A, Catching BJ, Stairley R, Wessels A, Lipschutz JH, Delling FN, Jeunemaitre X, Dina C, Collins RL, Brand H, Talkowski ME, Del Monte F, Mukherjee R, Awgulewitsch A, Body S, Hardiman G, Hazard ES, da Silveira WA, Wang B, et al.
Primary cilia defects causing mitral valve prolapse.
Sci Transl Med 2019;11:.

Haataja TJK, Bernardi RC, Lecointe S, Capoulade R, Merot J, Pentikäinen U.
Non-syndromic Mitral Valve Dysplasia Mutation Changes the Force Resilience and Interaction of Human Filamin A.
Structure 2019;27:102-112.e4.
Le Tourneau T, Le Scouarnec S, Cueff C, Bernstein D, Aalberts JJJ, Lecointe S, Mérot J, Bernstein JA, Oomen T, Dina C, Karakachoff M, Desal H, Al Habash O, Delling FN, Capoulade R, Suurmeijer AJH, Milan D, Norris RA, Markwald R, Aikawa E, Slaugenhaupt SA, Jeunemaitre X, Hagège A, Roussel J-C, Trochu J-N, Levine RA, Kyndt F, Probst V, Le Marec H, et al.
New insights into mitral valve dystrophy: a Filamin-A genotype-phenotype and outcome study.
Eur Heart J 2018;39:1269–1277.
Dina* C, Bouatia-Naji* N, Tucker* N, Delling FN, Toomer K, Durst R, Perrocheau M, Fernandez-Friera L, Solis J, PROMESA investigators, Le Tourneau T, Chen M-H, Probst V, Bosse Y, Pibarot P, Zelenika D, Lathrop M, Hercberg S, Roussel R, Benjamin EJ, Bonnet F, Lo SH, Dolmatova E, Simonet F, Lecointe S, Kyndt F, Redon R, Le Marec H, Froguel P, et al.
Genetic association analyses highlight biological pathways underlying mitral valve prolapse.
Nat Genet 2015;47:1206–1211.


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