Céline Marionneau


In this program, our objectives are :

  • to identify novel phosphorylation and other post-translational modification sites on Nav1.5 and its accessory/regulatory proteins using proteomic approaches performed from native cardiac tissues; and,
  • to decipher the role of these sites in the post-translational regulation of Nav1.5 channels by performing biochemical and electrophysiological analyses in freshly isolated cardiomyocytes genetically modified with adenoviruses.


  • Grant from "la Fondation d’entreprise Genavie" (2019-2020): Phosphoproteomic analysis of cardiac Nav1.5 channels under β-adrenergic stimulation
  • Grant from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (2016-2020, ANR-DFG, Progress DHF, ANR-16-CE92-0013-01, with Lars Maier, University Hospital Regensburg, Germany, as co-principal investigator)

Most relevant publications

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