• Le 27 June 2018
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Betsalel Auerbach Prize from the French Jewish Foundation awarded to Laure Castan for her project "From food allergy to asthma: the role of CCR9"

The Betsalel Auerbach Prize of the French Judaism Foundation rewards two researchers or clinicians under 40 years of age, one in France and the other in Israel, whose work contributes to the improvement of knowledge on the pathophysiology or therapy of asthma.

On 27 June 2018, this prize was awarded to Laure Castan, a PhD student at the University of Nantes (2017) for her thesis work in the unit headed by Grégory Bouchaud and Antoine Magnan: "From food allergy to asthma: the role of CCR9".

The thesis project, carried out within Team III "Signaling in vascular and pulmonary pathophysiology", focused on the impact of food allergy on the occurrence of asthma. Using an animal model, this particular evolution that occurs in some allergic children was mimicked in mice. The role of a molecule (CCR9), involved in the migration of immune cells from one tissue to another, was analyzed. Its indispensability in the development of asthma after food allergy has thus been demonstrated.

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Castan L, Cheminant M-A., Brouard S., Magnan A., Bouchaud G. Food allergen-sensitized CCR9+ lymphocytes enhance allergic lung inflammation and asthma characteristics in mice. Allergy 2018 Jul;73(7):1505-1514

Antoine Magnan, Laure Castan et Maxim Durand - Fondation du Judaïsme Français, June 27th 2018.