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Equipe I: Cardiopathies et mort subite 
Thème Ia: Génétique clinique et moléculaire
Situation / Catégorie: PU-PH

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Hervé Le Marec

Jean-Jacques Schott - Vincent Probst - Jean Mérot

Mitral Valve Disease: From Genetic Mechanisms to Improved Repair (Transatlantic Network)

Fondation Leducq

Partenaire du projet (7 partenaires)

2007 - 2012


The function of the mitral valve is crucial to the ability of the heart to maintain the forward flow of blood, and to protect the lungs from high pressure backflow. Although there are a number of important diseases affecting the mitral valve, constituting a major source of mortality and morbidity worldwide, little is known about its underlying biology. One of the central questions taken up by the members of this network is how the mitral leaflets, the effectors of valve closure, come to attain the size that they do. Where they become relatively too large, or too small, there may be pathological consequences. This network unites the leading scientists working on mitral valve biology today. Together they hope to describe, at the genetic and molecular level, the factors which control the growth and development of the mitral valve, and to encourage new thinking in the treatment of mitral valve disease.


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