GenoBiRD offers full services for high-throughput sequencing (genomes, exomes, gene capture, etc.), genotyping and genome expression projects (RNA-Seq, 3’seq RNA profiling and microarrays), from wet lab to data analysis.
GenoBiRD also provides open-access to wet-lab equipment and IT resources for bioinformatics.

This core facility is a cornerstone for sharing infrastructures, software, datasets, and biomedical data analytics expertise, aiming to develop novel integrative approaches combining clinical and multi-omics data. GenoBiRD gathers two core facilities (Genomics and Bioinformatics) run by dedicated and highly qualified staff.

GenoBiRD is recognised as a national infrastructure by the IBiSA organisation, and is member of the Biogenouest network, through which it receives regular support from the Pays-de-la-Loire regional council.

Genomics facility

Lead scientists : Julien Barc
Technical manager :
Facility is a member of Biogenouest Génomique network.

  • High-throughput sequencing (NGS): whole genomes or exomes, capture of targeted genes
  • High-throughput genotyping (Axiom array plates)
  • Transcriptome study (RNA-seq, 3’seq RNA profiling, microarrays)
  • Wet-lab equipment: access includes training and support by the core facility staff
Staff :
Magalie Budloo
Marine Cornec
Audrey Donnart

Bioinformatics Facility

Lead scientists : Richard Redon
Technical manager : Audrey Bihouée
Facility is a member of IFB-GO network.

The Bioinformatics core facility BiRD can provide :

  • expertise in large-scale data analysis and dedicated pipelines to standardize analyses from raw data to biological significance (Snakemake and Galaxy workflows).
  • training sessions on data analysis and programming languages.
  • Bioinformatics resources: computer cluster nodes and storage, Galaxy portal
Staff :
Éric Charpentier
Alban Gaignard
Jean-François Guillaume
Raluca Teusan