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L'unité de recherche de l'institut du thorax

Translational research : our strength
From the patient to target identification and medical management development
Understanding pathologies to better prevent
Understanding pathologies to better prevent
A common objective around cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory diseases
State-of-the-art technologies
State-of-the-art technologies
Core Facilities : Genomics, Bioinformatics & functional exploration
Translational research : our strength


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Breakthrough in understanding the causes of neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

Leading an international consortium, the group, headed by Dr Frédéric Ebstein and Prof Stéphane Bézieau, has identified a new defective gene responsible for a rare form of intellectual disability, associated with behavioral disorders and recurrent obesity in young children. This promising work is published in the scientific journal American Journal of Human Genetics.

Gervaise Loirand : Elles sont l'Inserm !

Gervaise Loirand shares her story as a woman researcher in the comic strip " Elles sont l'inserm, La recherche en santé, c'est aussi une affaire de femmes! "

EMBO workshop : Anne-Clémence Vion received the Best poster prizes

Anne-Clémence Vion received at The EMBO Workshop the Best poster prizes at ‘Building networks 2024: engineering in vascular biology’

Romain Bourcier, laureate of the RHU call for the eCAN project

The eCAN project is the winner of the calls for University Hospital Research (RHU) projects funded under the France 2030 plan - 5,5M€

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  • Discovery of intracranial aneurysm gene (France3 Pays de la Loire)
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