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Translational research : our strength
Translational research : our strength
From the patient to target identification and medical management development
Understanding pathologies to better prevent
Understanding pathologies to better prevent
A common objective around cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory diseases
State-of-the-art technologies
State-of-the-art technologies
Core Facilities : Genomics, Bioinformatics & functional exploration
Happy new year


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1st semester

Seipin, the key to healthy adipose tissue

Seipin localizes at endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria contact sites to control mitochondrial calcium import and metabolism in adipocytes. Cell Rep. 2021


déclics : Développer les Echanges entre Chercheurs et Lycéens pour les Intéresser à la Construction des Savoirs This year, 4 researchers from the research unit of l'institut du thorax participated in this operation

Alain Castaigne research grant for Romain Capoulade

He was rewarded for his work on the "Study of Molecular Mechanisms involved in the Development and Progression of Mitral Valve Prolapse".

Descartes-Huygens Prize for medical researcher : Julien Barc
February 5th, 2020

French cardiovascular researcher Julien Barc has won the 2019 Descartes-Huygens Prize for his research and contribution to Franco-Dutch collaboration.

The latest high-throughput sequencer generation
October 2019

Inauguration of the NovaSeq 6000 installed on our Genomics core facility, GenoBiRD

Team IV laureate of 'Equipe FRM' call
September 2019

The only team in Nantes among the 52 french laureates, for the INSTINCTIVE project.

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  • Our research on cardiovascular diseases
  • Our research on cholesterol
  • Discovery of intracranial aneurysm gene (France3 Pays de la Loire)
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