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L'unité de recherche de l'institut du thorax

Translational research : our strength
From the patient to target identification and medical management development
Understanding pathologies to better prevent
Understanding pathologies to better prevent
A common objective around cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory diseases
State-of-the-art technologies
State-of-the-art technologies
Core Facilities : Genomics, Bioinformatics & functional exploration
Translational research : our strength


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2nd semester

Nathalie Gaborit awarded the Bronze Medal of CNRS
November 29, 2022

Crédit photo : © Jean-Claude MOSCHETTI / ITX-lab / CNRS Photothèque

Intracranial aneurysm : our research seen by a youtuber

Drop of Curiosity at l’institut du thorax : understanding intracranial aneurysms for better treatment

Heart rhythm diseases: genetics for prevention

Genome-wide association analyses identify novel Brugada syndrome risk loci and highlight a new mechanism of sodium channel regulation in disease susceptibility. Nature Genetics. 2022

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    PhD students
  • Our research on cardiovascular diseases
  • Our research on cholesterol
  • Discovery of intracranial aneurysm gene (France3 Pays de la Loire)
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