Our research on intracranial aneurysms: seen by a youtuber !

  • Le 15 July 2022
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A young youtuber at l'institut du thorax : video on our project "Understanding intracranial aneurysms to better treat them".

3% to 5% of the population would have an intracranial aneurysm. The risk is the rupture of this aneurysm. Our teams are working to better understand this pathology and to improve the care of patients.
As part of the project VideoLabo (Nantes Universite), we welcomed in our institute the youtuber Gonzalo, from Drop of Curiosity Youtube channel and gave him carte blanche to explore the subject and explain it to you on video!

Here is his investigation into this strange vascular malformation (in French) :

With the help of :

Dr Anne Clémence VION, biologist, Institut du thorax - CNRS
Pr Romain BOURCIER, neuroradiologist, Institut du thorax - Nantes Université - CHU Nantes 
Dr Pierre Louis ALEXANDRE, neuroradiologist, CHU Nantes
Pr Hubert DESAL, neuroradiologist, Nantes Université et CHU Nantes
Dr Karim LAKHAL, anesthesiologist, CHU Nantes
Emmanuelle BOURCEREAU, clinical research nurse, Institut du Thorax - CHU Nantes
Solène JOUAN, clinical study coordinator, Institut du thorax - CHU Nantes
Dr Stéphanie CHATEL, project manager, Institut du thorax - INSERM

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