Elles sont l’Inserm – en BD - Gervaise Loirand

  • Le 30 May 2024
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Gervaise Loirand shares her story as a woman researcher in the comic strip " Elles sont l'inserm, La recherche en santé, c'est aussi une affaire de femmes! "

"Elles sont l'Inserm - en BD” is a collection of comic strips highlighting the different and inspiring life paths of Inserm women researchers.
The aim is to show that it is possible for young girls and women, whatever their background, to project themselves towards careers in health research.

All analyses agree that the imbalance between men and women is still very marked in higher education and research. And the higher up the hierarchy you go, the fewer women you find. Elles sont l'Inserm (They are Inserm), a project which began as an interview and then a video, and is now being extended with a series of comic strips, is one of the levers used by Inserm to promote gender balance.

Several female Inserm researchers from all over France have agreed to share some of the aspects of their lives that have shaped the women and scientists they are today. From their rather contrasting family backgrounds to the different stages that led them to feel “legitimate”, all the ingredients are there to make us think about the place of women in general in the field of research.

Gervaise Loirand is a research director in the team III (Vascular and pumonary diseases) and a member of our unit's professional equality unit. She took part in this project, which we are proud to share with you here.
Mis à jour le 30 May 2024.