Anaïs Baudot, Aix Marseille University
  • Le 09 February 2024
    Amphi DE
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  • 11h30

Multimodal data integration for genetic diseases

 Multimodal data integration for genetic diseases 

Anaïs Baudot, PhD, Director of Research, CNRS
Marseille Medical Genetics, Aix Marseille Université


Recent technological advances and the growing availability of biomedical datasets offer unprecedented opportunities to better understand human diseases. However, translating the sheer volume and heterogeneity of these data into meaningful insights require proper computational strategies. In this talk, I will present different approaches for the integration of heterogeneous datasets.  I will describe multilayer networks that incorporate different sources of biomedical interactions, as well as associated network exploration algorithms. I will also mention joint dimensionality reduction to extract biological knowledge simultaneously from multiple omics or modalities. I will illustrate the application of these different algorithms in the context of the analysis of rare genetic diseases, which raise various challenges: many patients are undiagnosed, phenotypes can be highly heterogeneous, and only a few treatments exist.


I'm a CNRS director of research in Systems Biology. During my career, I've always been focusing both on developing bioinformatics approaches and methods, and applying them to concrete biological questions. I'm animating the team of Systems Biomedicine in the Marseille Medical Genetic Unit (MMG). Our main interests are to develop AI and digital approaches to study human genetics diseases, thanks to data integration, modeling, and network-based strategies able to leverage massive -omics data.

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