Daniele Catalucci, CNR, IRGB, Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan

  • Le 14 February 2020
    Institut de Recherche en Santé - 8 quai Moncousu - Nantes
    Amphithéâtre Denis Escande
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  • 11h30

Peptide modulators of L-type Calcium Channels in heart failure

Peptide modulators of L-type Calcium Channels in heart failure

Dr. Daniele Catalucci invited by Benjamin Lauzier (Eq IIb)
Staff scientist at National Research Council (CNR) and Institute of Genetic and Biomedical Research (IRGB) - UOS Milan & Principal Investigator at Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan - Italy


Despite of increasing insights into cardiac failure at both molecular and clinical levels, the numbers of heart-specific, and safe treatments for the recovery of myocardial function remains low. Dr. Catalucci’s research is focused to contrast this situation, and dedicated to the exploitation of novel approaches for an effective patient-friendly therapy. The talk will touch innovative technologies based on peptidomimetic-, aptameric-, and nanoparticle-based tools.


Dr. Daniele Catalucci graduated from the University of Rome − Roma Tre, in 1999 and received his PhD in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Rome − Tor Vergata, in 2003. Supported by a Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowship, he performed his postdoctoral studies at the Department of Medicine, University of California San Diego, USA. By the end of 2007, Dr. Catalucci moved back to Italy (Milan) where he started up his own group at the Institute of Biomedical Technologies of the National Research Council (ITB-CNR) in collaboration with the IRCCS Multimedica Hospital. In 2009, he became a tenured scientist at the Institute of Genetic and Biomedical Research (IRGB) of CNR and in 2012, his laboratory moved to the Humanitas Research Hospital. 
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