Hervé Perdry, University of Paris-Saclay

  • Le 16 November 2023
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  • 10h00

Heritability and genomic trait prediction: consequences of assortative mating and vertical cultural transmission.

Heritability and genomic trait prediction: consequences of assortative mating and vertical cultural transmission.

Hervé Perdry, PhD, MCU
Université Paris-Saclay & Inserm CESP


We will review briefly the polygenic model in which both heritability and genomic trait prediction are grounded. A special attention will be dedicated to the shortcomings of this model, and to their consequences on the interpretation of heritability estimates and genomic prediction scores.  In a second time, we will give an overview of an ongoing work with A. Herzig and A. Saint Pierre, in which we explore the consequences of assortative mating and vertical cultural transmission. Assortative mating occurs when individuals chose mates with similar traits; vertical cultural or environmental transmission occurs when the offspring environment is correlated with the parental environment. We show that when both phenomena occur together, they induce a gene-environment correlation at the population level. This will in turn impact heritability estimates and prediction scores.



Hervé Perdry is an associate professor at the University of Paris-Saclay. With a background in mathematics, he teaches statistics and genetics in the Master of Public Health program. His research activity is focused on methodological and software development for the analysis of genetic data. He is editor-in-chief of "Human Heredity".

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