• Le 08 November 2019
    Institut de Recherche en Santé - 8 quai Moncousu - Nantes
    Amphithéâtre Denis Escande
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  • 10h30 - 12h

Mini-symposium "Thérapie cellulaire"

  • The evolution of the stem cell theory for cardiovascular diseases

Jean-Sébastien SILVESTRE, PhD
Inserm UMRS 970, Paris Cardiovascular Research Center (PARCC), Paris, France
see abstract and biography below

  • Les progéniteurs endothéliaux et thérapie cellulaire des vasculopathies ischémiques

Florence SABATIER, PharmD, PhD
AMU, AP-HM, Marseille, France

Jean-Sébastien Silvestre

Various stem cell-based approaches for cardiac and vascular repair have achieved encouraging results in animal experiments, often leading to their rapid proceeding to clinical testing. However, freewheeling evolutionary developments of the stem cell theory might lead to dystopian scenarios where heterogeneous sources of therapeutic cells could promote mixed clinical outcomes in un-stratified patient populations. We will discuss about the lessons that should be learnt from the first generation of stem cell-based strategies and emphasizes the absolute requirement to better understand the basic mechanisms of stem cell biology and tissue repair. We will also discuss about the unexpected "big bang" in the stem cell theory, "blasting" the therapeutic cells to their unchallenged ability to release paracrine factors such as extracellular membrane vesicles. Paradoxically, the natural evolution of the stem cell theory for cardiovascular diseases may end with the development of cell-free strategies with multiple cellular targets including cardiomyocytes, vascular cells but also other infiltrating or resident cells.

Dr Jean-Sébastien Silvestre is a senior research director at the French National Health and Medical Research Institute (INSERM). In 1999, he started his independent research career as an associate professor (Paris 7 university) at the Cardiovascular Research Center Inserm Lariboisière (Lariboisière Hospital, INSERM U689). In 2008, he was appointed research director at INSERM. In 2009, he moved to the Paris Cardiovascular Research Center – INSERM UMRS 970 (Georges Pompidou European Hospital) where he is leading a team working on the identification of molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating key events in post-ischemic tissue remodeling with potent therapeutic promise. Current studies include: 1) role of innate and adaptive immunity, 2) development of cell and cell-free approaches in cardiac ischemic diseases. Keywords: Cardiovascular diseases, Regenerative medicine, Inflammation, Stem cells.