• Le 23 mars 2018
    Institut de Recherche en Santé - 8 quai Moncousu - Nantes
    Amphithéâtre Denis Escande
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  • 11h30

Trafficking of T-type calcium channels in health and disease

Trafficking of T-type calcium channels in health and disease

Norbert WEISS, PhD est invité par Michel De Waard (Equipe IIb)
Head Ion Channels and Diseases Group
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry


T-type calcium channels are key contributors to neuronal physiology where they shape electrical activity of nerve cells and contribute to the release of neurotransmitters. Alteration of T-type channel expression has been causally linked to a number of pathological conditions including neuropathic pain and absence seizure activity. Although a number of signaling pathways regulating the activity of T-type calcium channels have been reported, the molecular machinery and signaling molecules controlling the trafficking and expression of the channel protein at the plasma membrane remain largely unknown. I will present some of the basic mechanisms recently identified controlling the physiological trafficking of T-type channels, and illustrate how metabolic defects or congenital mutations can disturb this trafficking machinery and eventually leading to disease conditions.


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