The cornerstone of genetic investigations is the precise phenotypic characterization. Emergence of a new research axis focused on the development of bio-imaging core facility and expertise in image analysis will provide support to the research programs of the team, as well as offer the opportunity to develop new translational and innovative projects.

The main purpose of the research chair on advanced multimodality imaging implemented at l'institut du thorax by Romain Capoulade is to offer in-house full expertise on analyses and interpretations of imaging data to study chronic cardiovascular diseases, with a focus on projects related to cardiac valvular heart diseases. This research chair is also designed to support the emergence of new and innovative projects, from genetics, cellular and animal models to human-based studies, covering the entire spectrum of chronic cardiovascular diseases. To date, the increasing use of imaging in medicine for the patient diagnostic, management, and decision making in multiple cardiovascular pathologies, also provides strong impetus for identification of new imaging biomarkers, that will participate to the development of the individualized patient management.

This program is supported by the acquisition of a TOMTEC work station dedicated to sophisticated and refined analyses of multiple imaging data sources, mainly coming from echocardiography.    

The center of excellence in translational multimodality imaging focused on cardiovascular disorders, combining in-vivo (animal models and humans) and ex-vivo imaging approaches, implemented via the funding of this research chair, offers a unique occasion to develop innovative research projects.