Michel De Waard, Sébastien Nicolas, Jérôme Montnach

This large program is based on our proven track of drug discovery using libraries of natural compounds (i.e. peptides derived from venoms) and target identification such as beta3 adrenergic receptor in heart failure with the preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF).

Target-based screening relies on a high-throughput automated patch-clamp system.  Based on phenotype-based screening, we identify natural compounds having notorious effects on blood pressure in vivo, modifying the ECG.

We also aim to develop clinically relevant diagnosis/prognosis databases of ion channel variants by characterizing the biophysical and membrane-targeting properties of mutated ion channels. The purpose is to facilitate personalized therapy, rapid discovery and drug testing.

At last, we apply optopharmacology to improve understanding of ion channel function in the heart, by synthesizing specific fluorescent indicators of cardiac ion channels to investigate the fine mechanisms of electrical genesis and propagation in the heart.