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Romain Bourcier, laureate of the RHU call for the eCAN project

  • Du 20 novembre 2023 au 01 février 2029
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The eCAN project, led by Pr Romain Bourcier (PUPH in interventional neuroradiology at Nantes University Hospital and member of Team I), is the winner of the 6th wave of calls for University Hospital Research (RHU) projects funded under the France 2030 plan.

The RHU eCAN project aims to reduce the global impact of intracranial aneurysms through the creation of healthcare tools dedicated to radiologists, patients, experts in charge of these patients, and regulatory authorities. The ambition of the eCAN project is to modify the trajectory of patients with intracranial aneurysms, and to improve their medico-economic impact on the various healthcare systems.

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Mis à jour le 18 janvier 2024.